Monday, January 12, 2009

(Another) Burger to Die For

The wedding Saturday was in town at our church. We headed 15 miles or so to East County for the reception. There was a long break while the wedding party had pictures taken (and got thoroughly lost enroute). In the interim we went exploring for a lunch diner/dive out in Lakeside.

We scored at a no-name joint on the Lakeside main drag. They're stuffed in between a car wash, custom fishing pool store and steel contractor (same one we're using on our pool). The parking lot was full at mid-afternoon. That was all the decision support I needed when I spotted it.

Wah-hoo-ah! The bacon and avocado burger was a winner.

TWSO flipped for the onion rings I got myself. She did my waistline a favor by swiping more than a few. Best ever -- she said. Yeah, they were good. I liked them just fine. She likes 'em softer/better cooked than I do.

I'll keep Angelos in my personal stop slot. I like mine naaasty!

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