Saturday, January 31, 2009

Salesman of the month

Ad at local gun store hails Obama as their salesman of the month. The boss says sales are up 300% since election day. Mostly EBR related stuff (Evil Black Rifles). The rush to stock home armories has extended to other stuff too -- like reloading supplies.

I went looking for a lb of a particular powder to experiment with some new 30-30 loads. It seems there's an overlap between powder with burn rates suitable for 30-30 loading and the .223 (5.56mm) loads popular in AR-15's.

The local shop was cleaned out.
"Any Varget in stock?" asked I.
"W748?" "Nope."
"3031?" "Nope."
"Reloader 15?" "Nope."
"BL-C(2)?" "Nope."
"AA2460?" "Nope."

"Shipment due Wednesday." says the gunstore clerk.
"OK, thanks." says I.

I headed off to the range to see what they had in stock.

Right off the cuff, the (National Trap team member) sales girl knew my first choice, Varget, was out of stock.
"How about Reloader 15?"
"I'll check in back" said she.

She came back with 2 lbs. "This is all we've got."
"Sold!" says I. "I'll take a bag of 7 1/2 shot while I'm at it."

Yee-hah. Even at inflated retail prices I was a happy camper. I've gotten spoiled buying in bulk for Powder Valley. Reckon I better get to thinking about another bulk order -- need to see about lining up reloader friends at work and in the area to spread the shipping and hazmat costs around.


Pawpaw said...

There's a lot to like about Reloder 15. If you've never used it, I think you'll find it to be a very versatile powder. It's the bees knees in .308 and while I've never tried it in .30-30 others report that it's a wonderful powder for that caliber.

be603 said...

R-15 looks good in the data books I have on hand. According to the Lee book it has good volume use of the case. It's at the high end of velocity for a given bullet in all my books. Usually that's a good predictor of consistency and suitability in caliber.

John von Cannon said...

I can't tell you the last time I reloaded rifle ammo, however, I load handgun rounds almost daily-especially here lately. I use a lot of AA #5 & 7 along with Win 231and the newer cleaner burning Unique.