Monday, January 19, 2009

First rule of holes?

Quit diggin'

Finished the up the hole today.

Gained about a 100yds of dirt to add to the lower slope.

A 100yds makes some piles. About half of it showing here.

Leveling off and compacting more playfield area.

This doesn't do justice to the sidehill slope we're dealing with...

I need some more down there but first I'll have to figure how how wall I want to build/trade for slope. Comes down to weighing benefit of increasing field space vs retaining wall cost.

Rebar is next up. Rain's forecast later in the week. Need to get(re)mitigating erosion. We'll be busy putting wattles and sandbags back into place and guessing how the new earthforms will flow water/silt.

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MarthaD said...

Wow!! That's impressive!!