Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spring's hopes and dreams

Looks like 3/4's of my Roma tomato seeds took off and have a good chance of making it.

Picked out several bareroot fruit trees to plant in the spots we prepared in the lower lot. It's cooler down there so I'll locate these (apple, peach, plum) down there. Need to make sure we get them enough chill to produce fruit.

I'm especially excited to get the apple tree in (memories of growing up in Western WA). This tree has 3 different varieties grafted in (Beverly Hills, Fuji and Einschimer). We'll definitely get enough chill every year for the Beverly Hills. Dunno about the other two.

Next up to start seeds will be the pickling cucumbers. The Divine Miss M is really enthused about making pickles. Big Sister is sending down Grandma's recipes. Need to get a bit closer to hot weather for the cukes to start.

Of course hope springs eternal so I was pleased to see the Brown Truck of Happiness had dropped off the new canning pot.

Meantime I have my young handyman helper getting started on water lines on the lower lot. Just wrote a check for over $700 for pipe, fittings, hose bibs etc. Ouch. Need to run almost 1400' of 1" Schedule 40 pipe to get in separate supply lines for irrigation, hose bibs and 3rd line in case we get an opportunity to hook into a well down below. That's a lot of pipe.

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