Saturday, January 10, 2009

Doin' the (Saturday) hustle

Off to another wedding today. Gotta be there -- minor part in the opening...

Meantime we hustled up and got something going with the bareroot fruit trees I picked up.

We got them stripped of the packaging and started soaking them. We should have time (D.V.) to get them in the ground after the wedding reception and before nightfall.

Bosco supervised.

Also, transplanted the tomatoes from peat starter plugs up a notch to small pots/cups.

Got the holes dug and waiting on the lower 40 for the trees. More pix to follow.

Man it that soil sweet. It's as nice as you'll ever see out here on the coast. It's got 40-50 years of organic buildup from being an avocado grove. If you haven't seen 'em avocados lay down a heavy mulch of leaves the just builds and builds over the years. It keeps the weeds down and holds moisture for their network of shallow roots. Should make for nice soil for the next generation -- these stone fruit and apples.

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