Sunday, January 4, 2009

Video lessons for Parents: part deux

Sometimes I amaze even me. If a piece of video cam hardware isn't foolproof, I'll be the fool to prove it.

We were up in the high desert yesterday for a nephew's wedding. He's a young Zoomie working on C-130's who burned a weekend of liberty to marry his hometown sweetie. Then hustle back to duty on Tuesday. At least he was able to get a 3 day pass for the occasion.

The Divine Miss M was asked to sing during the ceremony. I groaned when I first heard the song selection played on the vocal track CD. It sounded to me like any number of forgettable going_nowhere_John Tess-ish_early_90's_sentimental_kumbyeyah songs. Well, I was more than pleasantly surprised to hear Megan's interpretation of the song while the young couple took communion. I was wow'd by her -- and I hear her all the time. Sometimes I forget what a special gift she has.

That's the good news.

The rest of the story is that halfway through her singing as I recorded video the screen flashed "memory full" and the camera switched off record mode. Ayyyeeeee!!!

Not Again!

stream of consciousness...
Mind races. I'm going straight the doghouse. Do not collect $200. Do not pass go. Get comfortable for a long stay and a lifetime of reminders of this mess-up. Arrrggghhhhhh

Check the memory. Yup. That's the only file.
How could that possibly have filled up a 2 GB memory card? I don't understand! Check other directorys of still photos and straight audio. Yup. All empty too? What in the world? Dang, Dang, DANG!
She's still singing. Oh that's sounding good. Look at folks responding....

Is the memory card installed? Yep, it's there.
Oh, no. It's not fully seated. Duh-oh....

...end stream of consciousness

So as I write this I'm uploading another partial performance of Megan's to Youtube...


Someday we'll laugh. For now the Son&Heir and I are the only ones who know. Let's hope the wedding videographer can get us a copy of the ceremony.,

Finally finished the upload...

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