Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back on track

We're on schedule to shoot the pool Monday (weather permitting). It looked doubtful we'd be able to hold schedule after that inspector wrote his recall notice.

Well, he should be embarrassed -- and we taxpayers chagrined. He agreed that not only did he mix up north/south twice in his notes, but, he was wrong on all 4 items he gigged. We got the go ahead to proceed without any rework. That's like a 0.000 batting average. Not even the Padres would keep him around.

Of course at the County they'll just move him to work another area when the complaints pileup. Apparently, this guy in notorious among contractors. He only makes it about 4-5 months in a given area 'til he gets moved again. They didn't know til now that he'd rotated back to our area again.

Heaven forbid he should lose his job.

Our tax dollars at work. /heh

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