Friday, January 9, 2009

A Burger to Die for

My favorite burger place, Hodad's, is in San Diego's Ocean Beach neighborhood. For my money they've got the best burgers (single bacon cheese please) and 2nd best onion rings in town. Best onion rings honors goes to Angelo's up in North County on the PCH. You might call it different on the O'rings and I'd understand.

Excuse my French, but, if that ain't the closest thing to sex in a plastic basket I don't know what is.

If you like purty perfectly formed onion rings then you might vote Hodad's the top spot. Hey, they put a consistently excellent onion ring on the table. Me? I like my onion rings nasty, varied, misshapen and with funky flavors from sharing the deepfryer with the Greek and Baja-Cali-Mex stuff Angelos also serves. All served up in a grease soaked brown paper lunch sack. Yeah BABY!!! Call 911. Get me a cardiologist!

Well, this burger joint vid from Arizona got sent along by an old buddie.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Looks like I might have to head east to do a proper comparison with Hodad's burgers.

Anyone up for a roadtrip?

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