Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh my achin'...

Inspector came and went today on the pool's rebar and bonding inspection. He didn't sign the card. Instead wrote up 4 nonsense items -- mostly steel. On top of that he couldn't get any North/South descriptions straight. It's a pretty easy thing to figure on our lot. The guy has a reputation. The steel and plumbing contractors just slapped their heads when I told them the inspector's name.

Gigged the plumber for doing the drain exactly right. If he wasn't sure all he had to do was brush an inch of dirt back to prove it. Lazy, contentious and several other descriptors immediately come to mind... /ahem

Got the steel contractor after him to explain how to read the table of required steel for elevated bond beam with slope surcharge and to point out to him that it's a pool cover box not an overflow channel (no disappearing edge anywhere in sight what on earth was he smoking?).

Baaaaaah, Lord willing we'll get reinspect/release in time for shotcrete to stay on schedule for Monday. More rain on the way. Longsuffering... Faith...

In other areas, bit off too much tonight in a Bible Study. Recently started meeting once a week with some young men from church for a study of basic Bible doctrines. We're using a course of the same name for our study. We do the study on our own in advance and then meet to review and discuss the quiz at the end. Well, Chapters 1 and 2 had fit well in our alloted time the first coupla' weeks.

Chapter 3? Not so much.

It's a survey course (and a reader's digest version at that), but still, covering arguments for the existence of God, essential attributes of God and doctrine of the Trinity in one sitting? Yeah, it was a bit much.

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