Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rock on Bobby!

The transcript of Cal Thomas' interview with Loo-zee-anna Guv'nor Bobby Jindal was posted at WND.

I've noted The Gov a couple times here before:

A Crack of Light
and A Fundamental Right.

Cal covers a lot of ground in a short interview. Bobby's summary of things done in Louisiana during his term makes me salivate (and mourn) thinking about California.

This one on the Republican Party's direction was toward the end of Cal's post.
The Republican Party needs to do two things: One, we need to stop worrying about the Republican Party and start worrying about our country. Second, we need to stop worrying about the messenger and start worrying about substance. We will deserve to be a majority party again when we show the American people we are competent, we truly believe the principles we espouse and we've got relevant solutions to the things they care about, whether it's the economy, health care, international terrorism.


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