Friday, February 20, 2009

Bright and early

The bobcat operator was back at it, unloading and getting set to dig early today with his trac hoe. He's come to dig about 100' of trench. I'm putting in a waste line from the septic tank in the field up to the drive. That line will run across to a T at the upper edge of the drive and then along the drive and across the foot of the slope below the pool.

At one end (out of the photo to the left) it'll be stubbed out for a shop and studio apartment to be built later (D.V.). Closer to the pool end of the drive (photo center and right), I'm putting in a couple cleanouts for RV dumps.

That part of the drive is wide enough to park a couple large RV's end to end with room to spare. The hose bib is already there for RV service. The wire chase for one RV 30A service is underground but (not wired up yet).

Here's a wider view of the tile and coping progress. The waterline and raised bondbeam tile is just about done and ready for grout. He's on the homestretch with the stone coping too.

It got a bit tricky at this end trying to set the stones in the pool cover deck plates at the same level as the north wall coping. He should have set the deck plate stone first. When I left him he was back on track and making it all work out level. Fortunately had a small enough differential that he can get by with careful selection of thinner stones to place over the deckplate.

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