Friday, February 6, 2009

Lust of the eyes

I made a mistake and walked into one of my favorite local merchants of death's parlor yesterday.

First to catch my eye was a .380 AMT Backup on consignment at an attractive price. Not many options in that form factor available in CA. No Ruger LCP's and such allowed for sale except to LEOs. The little pocket piece was tempting but not sure about the trigger and reliability of the AMT. They went out of business.

Next to catch my eye was an immaculate 2 3/4" stainless steel Ruger Speed Six in 9mm.
(click to see full images)
Holy 147 +P+ JHP potential Batman! That Ruger's strong enough to run handloads in a 9mm to nearly .357 power levels.

I've had no interest in 9mm revolvers but that Speed Six was like butter in my hands. Also was at an attractive price point -- from checking auction sites it looks like I could make money on it.

The little revolver's an unusual piece. That's an autoloader cartridge in a revolver. It requires use of moon clips. I'm beginning to see the advantages in the moonclip arrangement. Esp here in California with all the restrictions on loaded carry. Moonclips are faster into battery than speed loaders in a revolver. In fact, a revolver with moonclips can be put into battery as fast as an autoloader. Then it can be unloaded and ready to be reloaded again w/ less hassle than a magazine feed gun which always has the loose round from the chamber than needs set back into the magazine.

Also moonclips are handy for unloaded open carry or unloaded vehicle carry in a lockbox (moonclips eliminateissues w/ loose rounds when unloading/reloading).

*Back to the merchant of death's display cases...

den I spots da 2 1/2" 7 shot S&W 686.

I'm dying now.
Kid in a candy shop.
Sensory overload.
Man, that is just about the perfect handful. Better move on down the counter...

Ohh noooooo, two 6" Model 27s of 70's vintage.
Nearly the epitomy of American artistry in blued metal and walnut.
Keep moving.
I'm dying. I need air. Must. Get. To vehicle.

Ignore the Model of 1917 45ACP in the next case.

Too. Much. Stimulation.

Did I mention the old nickel plated 4" Colt 38 special? The one with the ivory grips?

Never mind.
/walks away trying to refocus on life's proper priorities

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John von Cannon said...

Decisions decisions! Personally, I have vintage Smiths and love em--bacjk in the day when S&W actually had quality as part of their mission statement. As to Ruger, eventhough I have several, not a big fan. They are solid built and very dependable. I'll just keep carrying my Glocks, Sigs, and Kimbers!