Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fill 'er up and Ali Baba

Something weird happened to photos from the last couple days. This is the only one that scales properly on this site.

Rented a small bobcat yesterday. The rental yard dropped it off bright and early. Then the driver promptly got stuck trying to get his truck and flatbed trailer out of our lot.


First time I had to get him unstuck with some help from my day labor help.
Disconnected the trailer. Dragged it back uphill with a pickup.
Watched him spin his F450 dually into deeper and deeper holes.

Finally he invited me to give it a try (I wonder if it coulda been the look on my face that I was trying to surpress that screamed "CITY BOYZ!").

Got it rocking and out easily enough. Had to. The pressure was on me.
/double heh

Then he got it all sideways across the entrance and ran his front wheel up behind the wall along the road and nearly high centered on the wall. Stuck good that time. No way out short of moving 3-4 yds of earth to build a ramp off the wall onto the road.

I left him alone at that point -- had a crew to get moving on backfilling and compacting trenches. We had already lost over an hour. His boss sent out a tractor and finally got him rolling an hour or tow later.

The septic pumper came. I had them install a riser on the one lid that is under 3-4 ft of cover. Ouch. More off budget spending. Worth it.

All of this on my wife, love my life and significant other's anniversary of her 39th birthday. Took the family down the hill to Ali Baba's for a late dinner to celebrate -- awesome Chaldean food. Happily no delayed effects or intestinal distress. Old friends (missionary couple from Ensenada) were up for the day and came by to crash for the night in the granny flat. Talked late. Good fellowship.

Got 4-5 yds of gravel spread over the recent dig area this morning. More rock on the way tomorrow to have a clean parking area. RV/missionary family due to arrive Friday an be the first to use the hookups.

Been a couple of days for the books for sure.

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