Saturday, February 21, 2009

I can see for piles and piles

Looking west out toward the road past the future shop location (left of photo at far end of the waste line). Lots of dirt! More than I'd estimated. We're working back up against a bit of slope out to the road. That's made for some pretty good digging up to the tee. It's nearly 4' where we make the connection to the downhill and tank. Well over that as we head to the photo's right and downhill.

This is looking north and down the slope to the field where we'll tie in to the waste tank and seepage pit today. We're pretty much at the limits of the trench walls to hold without slumping when the tractors working on it. Esp, at the bottom of that slope.
It's going to require a fair bit of hand digging to get the line tied in and the drop on the line consistent. I've got a couple young backs coming today to work with the Son&Heir on that part while I work with my handyman helper to get the line dropping and glued up correctly.

Here's the piles and trench looking back east toward the back fence and pool (uphill of photo to the right)

In the in between today (time permitting) while we glue up and get the pipe drop set I'll get the young hands backfilling about 200' of irrigation lines that we finally got finished over by the fruit trees on the road. That's contingent on how early and eager all my young hands will show. TBD...

Also need to finish backfilling the keystone retaining wall uphill of the pool deck. There's a 2 courses of stone to add (2 pallets worth) and about 10 yds of back fill to wheelbarrow up hill and compact. Thankfully my handyman helper has a compaction foot on his 60lb electric jackhammer. We've been putting that to good use with all this trenching and backfilling.

Meanwhile back at the pool the coping and tile is on the home stretch. Here's a view of the finished, grouted coping around the spa.
He's got a coupla tile accent piece diamonds to install. Other than that I imagine the tile should be finished and grouted by Tuesday.

Hey! Bosco the Chocolate Lab Wonder Dog just barked! That only happens about 3 times a year. Looks like coping guy showed up to work on Saturday. That was unexpected.

Time to saddle up. Gotta get "off and on" now...

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