Friday, February 13, 2009

Word o' the day

"Planarity and parallelism." The pool walls need to be both for the cover's tracks to operator properly.

First order of business for the tile and coping was to float the pool walls at and above the waterline out to parallel planes.

The tile and coping guys have finally gotten busy.

The cover's tracks will flush mount on/in the walls on the trued up surfaces. Here's the north wall's edge all floated out to new, flat line.

Here they're improvising forms and guides for floating the wall out to a plane that's parallel with the opposite side of the pool. The raised bond beam about the track slot ended up with over 1" of mud in some spots to bring them up to the line.

Meantime, another man worked on fitting stone for the coping...


Flintlock Tom said...

Wow! What ever happened to "dig a hole and fill it with water"?

Seems like an awful lot of work just so I can bring my kids for a swim.


be603 said...

Dig? We dammed the creek out back on the neighbors farm! All sorts of good stuff filtered out of the pasture.