Monday, February 23, 2009


The Son&Heir doing some tough digging in decomposed granite. Had to get a few more inches of drop for the waste line coming from the shop. The tractor didn't quite get enough out along that line to the downhill tee.
The tougher digging was going downhill to the tank. There was a waterline in the way of the trac hoe. The only practical way to dig that by hand was with a jackhammmer. It's insanely good (decomposed granite) soil for building on and has been compacted to 90% or better when we graded last summer. A pick fairly bounces off it unless it's soaked -- then it makes a wee dent.

Of course the trench is too narrow for the jackhammer to get sideways. So, we just had to make do working the jackhammer on an angle in the trench.

We stopped with some work still to do on that downhill line, because, as we worked down to the fitting it was clear something was stinking in Denmark.

Here's where the "ruhh-rohh" came in for the day. That's the Y with the tight line coming in from the house. The tank is right there. Looks like a leak in here somewhere...

Yup. There's the tank and the input line is ovaled. Looks like the grading last summer got too close and tweaked that line. I had a vertical cleanout tied to the unused end of the Y to mark it for this RV/Shop dig we're doing. The old tractor operator hit it a coupla times an it must have torqued the line. That would explain it being it not being round any longer.

Sam did the honors. /heh

"Alright boys. Let's get digging, find the plug, and take a look!"
Sneak a peek and take a sniff.

"Nope, nope. That doesn't look right. Could be a blockage. Better call my septic contractor. Clear the whole lid!"

Meanwhile up at the pool...

The tile and coping maestro was hard at it getting some hours in on Saturday (making for recent rain days).

Q: "Clear the whole lid? How big is this thing?"

A:"2500 gal. Lid is 10' long."
Response as sunset approaches and weather starts blowing in, "Unggghhh."

Not enough fill on this end (12") and a whole bunch on that end (4'). That's some mansized hand digging in well compacted decomposed granite overburden.

Finally got the lid all cleared off....
"Clean 'er up boys, before the rain quits teasing and gets serious."

*UPDATE: Septic man says we're ok, just pump 'er while it's open and put a 2' riser on the cover under the deep fill.

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