Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fired up!

... and a bit distracted.

My 2 readers in San Dog need to clear your schedules and plan on being at the SD school board meeting Feb 10 with pro-RKBA and pro-JROTC people.

We've got the word out to local American Legion and NRA council and around on gun lists at work and on the intrar-web-thing. Also posted to conservative radio talkers Rick Roberts and Roger Hedgecock. See if it gets through their filters and whether they do anything to raise awareness of it.

What am I talking about? Air rifles in high schools for teaching JROTC Cadets.

Rick Jahnkow is at it again with military counter recruitment. This time with a "leetle tweest."

Ostensibly it's about opposing air rifle training on site schools for JROTC (as if that's a bad thing!). LINK

I read the website and immediately it smelled rotten -- as if it's about much more than air-rifles. Sure enough Jahnkow's behind it. It's really an anti-JROTC, anti-military recruitment tactic.

If you download the Word document on their website is from Rick Jahnkow, who's an anti-military peace nut. This is not being done by a few parents who're upset, it's being organized by well-funded peaceniks to stir people up to fit THEIR military counter-recruitement agenda.

The old American Legion would have handled these sort of commie agitatores a little more (ahem) directly. Some history...

The spirit of "Reds" and the Wobblies persists. It is a deep, old, cancer...

h/t to Paw Paw for calling to attention.

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