Friday, July 11, 2008

Almost done...

The Son & Heir loves his PT, especially bodyweight exercises. It's paying off for him too. He's partly motivated by a nearterm goal of qualifying for lifeguard program (perhaps working up to a beach guard next year). Longer term he has his eye on the Marine Corp PT test and an NROTC scholarship.

Now that he's almost full height the old playset chinning bar is less than ideal -- all that bent knee hanging takes the fun out of it.

Finally got around to setting poles for a proper pullup station last night. Got them plumb but might be a wee bit rotated relative (~1/4") to each other. At least they rotated the same direction. It was done in a hurry as the dinner bell was being sounded. Shoulda' scrounged a 2X and nailed across the two posts flats to keep them from twisting when we tamped the mud in. Bah, it's not finish carpentry, but still...

Now to cut/thread the pull up bar pipe to correct length. After next week camping trip we'll go looking for some chains and rings to hang off it for elevated hanging pushups. Raarrr! Those babies will light your delt's up fer shure!

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