Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Baby gets a new bumper

That right thar is a gen-you-ine copy of a Ford 9N bumper.
Now I just have to bolt it up to "the eyesore." Well, actually I have to touch up the paint before I do anything. Of course that's not just any old color of red paint. It's Ford Vermillion Red. Try and find that in yer Home Depot paint dept.

O' course you can buy it online from the antique tractor geek store. The internet changes everything and you buy EVERYTHING online for these old 9N/2N/8N Fords.
O' course you have to buy a 6-pack. (sigh)
Well maybe some other Ford guys locally can use some/deal for what I don't need. Looks like the fellow down the hill from us is trying to get his 8N running -- it could use some paint. Ran into an old guy getting coffee today; one of the regulars. He told me he's trying to deal right now for a basket case Ford to restore.

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