Wednesday, July 9, 2008

No mas. Solo aqui...

The party's over. The Tecate diesel party that is. Well mostly...

I struck out at first station I hit for diesel this morning. There was a line of buses waiting in the street for a fuel truck to show up. Fortunately, I was able to get diesel at the second station I tried. However the attendant would only fill my tank.

As I motioned to my extra fuel cans the word to me was "No mas. Solo aqui" as he pointed at my vehicle fuel cap. Bummer.

The Jefe' at the station was abrupt with me also. When calculating exchange he only gave 10/$US when the going rate is still 10.25p/$US. Must be getting a lot of gringos and getting tired of the rush at the pumps.

I think this must be related to the news that PEMEX is going to be rationing Baja Norte stations to their Jan-Mar consumption (before the gringos started coming south in volume for diesel).

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