Monday, July 21, 2008

Back in the saddle

Just back yesterday afternoon from a week camping in Yosemite. The e-mail inbox at work is the first order of business. Looks like lots of folks were vacationing alos. Must have been a light week -- only about 1300 e-mails to work through (unnnghhh).

We had some fun with overheating along the way.

Pulled our 25' trailer behind '02 Excursion (7.3L powerstroke w/ Banks Stinger Plus upgrade and billet torque convertor). Usually my only problem is driving too fast -- even on the Grapevine. This time we had some temp spikes on steep grades. Thought it was the fan clutch (definitely was worn/sloppy)and had the garage in Yosemite valley swap it out.

Hoped all would be well after that repair, but, took easier, longer route out along the Merced River to the 99 at Merced. Only one 2900ft pass on that route instead of 4 long upgrade pulls on the direct 41 route south to Fresno.

Well, long story short the temp spiked up on that grade to Midpines Summit (arrgggh). We made it south OK back to the I-5 but had to stop and overnight at foot of Grapevine. There was no way we'd make it up that w/out damaging something expensive with an overtemp.

Thankfully sis-in-law was able to come across from the high desert with their dually. She towed our trailer over Tejon Pass and down into Simi Valley. I rehooked it there and made it the rest of the way to San Dog along the I-405/5 route without any temp trouble.

Looks like the EGT is running higher than norm. Maybe that is related/precursor to engine/trans temp increase. Could be air leak in boost side of intake. Need to get it in for professional help this week.

It's going to cost me.
Why do I feel like Chevy Chase...

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