Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our Electric Future

Good read titled "Our Electric Future"
By Andy Grove -- From the July/August 2008 Issue of American magazine. Link to entire article.

Because electricity is the stickiest form of
energy, and because it is multi-sourced, it will
give us the greatest degree of energy resilience.
Our nation will be best served if we dedicate
ourselves to increasing the amount of our energy
that we use in the form of electricity.

Transportation: The Hardest Nut to Crack
We live in a world where just about
everything—from a hair-dryer to the Internet—runs
on electricity. A big exception is the
transportation sector, critical to the movement
of people, production materials, food, and even
fuel. Transportation uses more than half of all
the petroleum consumed in this country. If we
don’t convert a large portion of the
transportation sector to electricity, we cannot
make real progress toward energy resilience.

Now if we could just get an electric car that didn't scream "DORK!"

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