Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Scud watch? Not me! Nuh-uh. No way.

Join me in the State of Denial -- just to the east of Da Nile.
It's a happy place where evil does not exist and a we just need to sit down for a cup of coffee to work things out with crazy little short men.

The Iranians have been playing with missiles like the SCUD and Silkworm since at least the mid-80's when I was out there participating in Earnest Will . That was almost 10 years after they declared war on the Great Satan (in case you haven't been paying attention -- that would be "we the people" of the USA).

Sooner or later they're bound to figure out how to use their missile toys to great effect. Looks like they've
1) gone seaborne mobile with them.
2) started practicing a high altitude airburst consistent an EMP attack on the US LINK

Someone crazy enough to push the button seems to be at the helm of that nation at the moment.

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