Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Aim small. Miss small

It's really true that if you aim at nothing you'll hit it for sure.

That's a stickon "shoot and see" dot in the top center between the two bullseye targets. The stickon starts black and then cracks open to show a bright yellow when/if you hit it. It's handy for seeing point of impact down range. That's a nice "reactive" feature for a shooter since it's not always possible to see where you're hitting in the black on a traditional target.

In this case I put it up there to see what effect shooting at a smaller target had on my accuracy. In fact, my accuracy (precision actually is the right word) improved by 1/2 over the 3-4" bullseye. That's even with the shiny old school fixed sights on the Vaquero. The windage (azimuth) narrowed condsiderably. That's me. The elevation still shows a wide range. That's me (my old eyes) to some extent but is really showing the limitation of the shiny, loosy goosy fixed sights on the old Cowboy gun.

Moral of the story:
We're always telling kids:
"Raise the bar!"
"Aim high!"
"Set stretch goals."

Yep. It works.

Aim small. Miss small.

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