Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Speaking of "The Vision Thing"

Flashback to a post last week (here "Darkest before the Dawn") about the conflict and confusion within the NRCC and negative comments from some House Reps about Newt's "vision thing."

Newt's not taking it lying down. Say what you will about his personal life or his politics -- The man IS a communicator.
For your consideration here's a link to some of that "vision." Give the Top Ten a looksee (link). I don't agree with all the things proposed therein. Mick Jagger was right, "You can't always get what you want." So eat the chicken, leave the bones.

Apparently this is what leadership looks like. This appears to be "poll-driven" approach to platform building. Or is it a poll supported approach to selecting platform planks to promote? Chicken or the egg?

This approach is different than the all or nothing, absolutism that characterizes so much behavior on the political right. Agree or disagree with the planks I was surprised to see such broad agreement on so many seemingly controversial issues.

In any case, instead of concentrating on that which separates us, Newt's chosen to determine what Americans do agree on, then work on advancing solutions to those issues.

He's smart enough to see if anyone is willing to follow. After all, if no one is following you, are you really leading?

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