Monday, May 5, 2008

Twinfin, Heather and the girls

Twinfin & Heather

Heather and the girls

Opening weekend for "Hi-tops" has come and gone. One more weekend and 3 shows to go.

The divine Miss M's pink mascara may be permanently etched on her eyelids. Probably be back to normal just in time for Thursday's show. :-)

All in all a surprisingly good production for a small High School. Saturday night they lost a sound man and fell back a bit on sound quality/levels. We'll see what kind of difference a week makes.


Flintlock Tom said...

That auditorium looks really familiar.
I think I may be there this Thursday for the show. My daughter was involved in every production for the six years she was there.
I'm on my fourth child in that fine institution but he didn't show any interest in continuing in drama after having a part in "Bye Bye Birdie" two years ago.
Maybe we'll see you there.

Flintlock Tom (SMBS, NoR)

be603 said...

Hey, you get the prize. First comment on this blog.

Will look for you there. We're there each night. Doesn't make sense to drop off&return with the drive from East Cty and $4/gallon fuel. Besides, we're getting a kick out of seeing how it mutates from night to night (both intentionally and as "oops").

We're ushering at least 1 night this weekend. Not sure which. The XO keeps track of that. I do as I'm told. :-)

Flintlock Tom said...

Well, I got hooked and read your entire blog backwards to the beginning.
You have a nice easy style of writing that doesn't strain my brain.
I bet you might develop a real following if you would put a link on you signature over at the NoR, or where ever else you post.

Anyway, keep at it, it's worthwhile.