Monday, May 19, 2008

Do dead people bleed?

for your friends who've "learned everything they know about nuclear power from the Simpsons & the China Syndrome":

The old story comes to mind about a Medical student interning at a State Hospital. One patient in particular fascinated him.

The patient was convinced he'd been dead for years and spent all his time telling folks he was actually dead.

The intern decided is was a simple matter of reasoning with the patient. One day the intern sat down with the patient for a talk and asked, "Do dead people bleed?"

"No" said the patient.

"You're absolutely certain dead people don't bleed?" he repeated.

"No, of course dead people don't bleed!" said the patient.

The intern took the patient's hand, pricked a finger and squeezed out some blood.

"Well look at that!" said the patient. "Dead people DO bleed."

So it is with the religion of antropogenic induced global temp change...

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