Friday, May 2, 2008

Victim Disarmament Zones

This quote from my "Big Employer" Professional Conduct Code came up yesterday in discussion on a hobby e-mail forum at work.

>This policy provides the following example as an "act of hostility or
>"Possession of firearms or other weapons including but not limited to
>bullets, weapon parts or similar representation of weapons on Company
>premises or at Company sponsored events."

My question back to the forum:
"Hmm, wonder if HR would mind civic minded employees offering to post these around the parking lots.

Ya know, as a community service thing. Just a bunch of kind hearted folks doing their part to assist in creating a more non-threatening and non-hostile work environment."

So does the policy statement "including but not limited to bullets, weapon parts or similar representation of weapons" include article of clothing with 2nd Amendment graphics of firearms, NRA logos or the Minuteman statue? How about we just all agree to celebrate our diversity?

Available here in black or white. link

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