Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy 45th b'day

The 41 magnum cartridge is 45 years old now. Thought by many to be the ultimate or optimum wheelgun cartridge. Except for a small, dedicated following of shooters and collectors it is fading into obscurity. Here's an article from it's 40th birthday. link

Stopped in at So Cal Guns on the way home last night. The 41 mag had been mentioned in watercooler talk at work as an ideal sidearm cartridge for hiking here in cougar country. I remembered seeing this classic S&W Model 57 Ni plated beauty in the display case recently. By my reckoning this one would be safe/range queeen -- too rare and nice to carry in the woods.

They're rare in Nickel and this one's finish is as close to perfect for a fired gun as you'll find. Looks spendy right now -- they're asking $880. Supply keeps getting squeezed by regulation and Lawyer/litigation features keep getting added to foul up classic models. All that conspires to drive demand up for quality classics. A couple years back this would have been a $4-500 piece. The saying goes, "You can never pay too much for a nice firearm, you can only buy it too early."

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