Saturday, May 3, 2008

The show must go on

Busy weekend around here. Kid's activity, houseguests and biggest of all opening weekend for the High School Spring Musical. A week of 5-6 hour final rehearsals culminated in Tech/Dress Rehearsal Thursday. Opening Night was last night (Friday).

The Divine Miss M, daughter #2, is playing "Heather" in "Hi-Tops." She's in all her 9th grade glory singing and dancing through an 80's musical with big hair, flourescent colors and (of course) leggings. No leg warmers for her this time.

Dress rehearsal had a few (ahem) problems with the sound. I was thinking they should bill the show as "Hi-Tops: The Silent Movie Version." You could hear the band (too loud) and that was about all. What a difference a day makes! Opening night had some adult supervision at the sound board and it went off quite well.

Back again tonight and three more shows next weekend. Hopefully I'll figure a way to get some sound or video samples to link in a post to follow.

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