Friday, May 9, 2008

What would you do with the money?

Joking aside, most of us will never win the lottery.
So let's play "what if." What would you change about the life you lead if you won the lottery?

After the party is over, after the initial flush of excited materialism, extended vacations and unexpectedly difficult decisions about charitable giving (who do you really trust to be a wise steward of a large gift?) would pass in time. Then what?

Is there a dream you would love to live? Quit work? Change careers? Go back to school? Follow your calling? Go on a mission? Be Jimmy Carter on a Habitat for Humanity construction crusade?

What's keeping you from doing any of those things now? A lack of lottery money? Or a lack of something else? A lack of clarity about your life calling/vocation? Fear or an absence of courage?
Maybe we should be living in such a way now so that we would have to change nothing. How cool would it be to be living so contentedly, so in sync with your God given bent and calling, that winning the lottery would simply mean keeping on with what you're doing now?

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