Saturday, May 17, 2008

Foreign Travel -- no passport required

That is if the foriegn country you're going to is Texas. Ok, weak joke, that. Posting was light last couple days. I was on the road for work to Dallas. Almost got bumped from Friday flight home. It was overbooked. No matter that I actually got back to the airport 2 hours early. That's a rare for me on business travel. I'm usually doing the "Go OJ Go!" run to the departure gate.

Bummer night to get bumped. 12 yr old Daughter #3 (aka Boo-Boo) home alone w/ Mom and all the older sibs out on a Friday night -- on the OPENING NIGHT of "Prince Caspian." Definitely a "Daddy/daughter date night" on the calender. Would stink to miss that one for an overbooked flight.

breathe in, breathe out, relax. faith. "He's" in control.
Be thankful I'm not in Quito being bumped from an Empresa Equatoriana flight and being told "Not to worreee Meester. There ees ay-nooother flight next weeeeek."

Good thing I arrived early this time. The gate agent offered bribes for others to give up their seat. I was the last one to make the flight. Actually I got called to the counter for a seat and had to sit back down with a guy changed his mind. (AAACCCK!) It was looking grim at that point. Thought it was game over for certain. Deep Then low and behold I got called again at the last minute. Yea.

Oh, and yes. Even if you're not a Narnia reader, "Prince Caspian" rocks. I think it's better done than Walden Media's first Narnia film. The animals and effects were greatly improved -- much more seamless/believable. The financial success of the first film must have enabled a better production.

Support this one at the box office too!!!

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