Monday, June 2, 2008

Mystery solved

The age of the eyesore has been determined thanks to this very helpful website. LINK
I tell ya, these antique tractor guys are even crazier than the aircooled VW crowd. I know. Hard to imagine! ...and yes I gotta say -- How COOL is that?

Looks like the guy I bought from was a bit off in his estimate.
What we've got is a 1941 Ford 9N.

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Now, to get that little 4ft brush hog into service. That unit could be the end of me. (ahem) It might result in an obituary posting here at some later date.

I can only dream of working a flat patch this 9N is...

Right off I need to get an overrunning clutch (ORC) to put on the PTO drive shaft. This old tractor doesn't have a "live PTO". That's NOT a good thing if you're in a hurry to stop. With a transmission driven PTO like the 9N has, the mower will keep the tractor moving even when you want to stop. YIKES!

So it's off to Northern Tool online and order an ORC.
Without an overrunning clutch the rotating mass of the Brushhog will continue to turn the PTO drive and keep turning the tractor axles when the clutch is disengaged.
The toughest part may be getting the u-joints and drive on that brushhog to take lube/grease. It's been sitting a while and also was in the middle of a patch that burned in last fall's wildfires. So there's a few odds and ends to tend to: I picked up a couple clevis pins on the way in to work today.
Also I wish this mower had safety chain shield hanging over the front edge. It would be nice to slow down the inevitable rock launches out the front toward (me) the driver. Maybe I should fabricate that safety chain shield too. I'd need to pick up some flat stock, scrounge for odd lengths of unused chain and bum some welding time from a buddy.

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