Friday, June 20, 2008

Change for change's sake

He's for "change." What type of change? Had to listen long and hard to find out any specifics. Now it's becoming clear. The list is long -- starting with taxes. That is to say he's for increasing taxes, all manner of taxes, for reimposing taxes that when done away with resulted in increased revenue for the Gov. Even (when he was questioned) if it means increasing tax rates on things like capital gains which will result in a decrease in actual tax collections.

Yep, even if it means less actual tax revenue for the Government he'd increase the tax rate -- in the name of "fairness" I suppose. Nevermind what works.

Sounds like a blindly "redistributionist" ideologue to me.
That's a polite word for a "collectivist."
Which is a polite word for "socialist."
Which, based on his personal associations with likes of unrepentant, murderous Weather Underground members, like William Ayers, is a polite word for "Marxist."
Which is a polite word for "Communist."

Yep, says he. Don't confuse me with the facts (or what actually works). I've got my mind made up.

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