Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Final Solution needed

Gophers by the dozen. Gophers by the hundred. A gross of Gophers. That's what we've got in our lower lot. We've known this of course and have fought them around the perimeter for years. I spent some time scraping the field last night with the old Ford in prep for grading. Now that bare earth is exposed it's clear we have a serious bit of killing to do. The hole slope is swiss-cheesed with gopher holes. I doubt you could find any 5 ft square without a gopher hole.

The "one hole at a time" Gopher Getter bait isn't going to cut it. Time for some serious medicine. Time to light the fuse and walk away while sleepy time gas gets to Mr Gopher.

One package isn't going to be enough. I'm not sure a whole case will be enough.

Maybe time to invest in a little pyrotechnic capability with the Rodenator.
Here's the corporate video...

link Arr, Arrh, ARRRRHHH!!!

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