Saturday, June 21, 2008

Family Values. Valuing Family

KDT has a fine post "End Of A (Very Bad) Chapter" up on his blog "The Other Side of Kim". Link
He writes about the financial choices they've made in raising their children while living through some very difficult years for them financially.

Leading by example they are. I'm encouraged by their personal story to stay the course my wife and I have chosen. Thanks for that Kim.

Some people (esp on the Left) say "Family Values" is just a trite phrase, a cliche' used to divide us politically; a phrase with no real meaning except to call for a return to a time of repressed sexuality and unrealistic expectations for a Ward and June Cleaver type life.

Well folks, that right there, what Kim described in his blog: that right thar' is some family values.

I like to think my wife and I are kindred spirits with the Du Toit's in this regard. We "spend ourselves" for our family. People ask why I haven't retired early like some of my colleagues who did well on company stock before 2001. Well, partly it's because I didn't have the same good sense and adult supervision they had in the stockmarket. To some large extent it is also because we chose family over financial freedom.

I've got kids. Ergo, I'll be able to retire the day they throw dirt on my face.

Happy to do it. Wouldn't have it any other way.

Add that to your list of "Family Values."


MarthaD said...

my dear Brother,
I just rediscovered your blog and enjoyed reading up--thanks for sharing your thoughts. YOu're a good man!
Love to you and yours,

be603 said...

thanks sis,
always was lousy w/ family correspondence. part of the raison d'ĂȘtre for this blog is in place of that -- mostly writing for family and friends who look in on occasion. All others are welcome too.

Some interesting pins on the visitor map now and then. Romania just yesterday. Cool!