Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 2: Demo Man

Morning of day 2. Cinderblock wall and last bit of old cistern are no more.

Both sections of wall are gone, along with the concrete apron transition from the road (what was left of the old drive).

The last of it before the serious cutting and packing starts in a couple weeks (D.V.) is to clear all the organic matter from the lot. I made a good pile last night with the 1941 9N. Too much slope for the old tractor to get up in places -- just don't have adequate traction with the 2WD. Maybe if I had water in the tires I could have done some more, but, not much. In any case, the Bobcat skidsteer and excavator is making pretty short work of the remainder of grass/weeds/brush.

The contractor hauled off two loads in his 20yd truck today. First load was 11 tons -- get a lot of soil in with the scraped grass and such. It should be wrapped up by lunch tomorrow.

Rebar, rebar and more rebar. Everywhere. Overbuilt. The old boy who built this was a man after my own heart.

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