Monday, June 9, 2008


... in Santa Clara

A wee bit of tech digression today and cheerleading for the hometown favorite with a stadium bearing it's name.

This from an article on the Fool front page today titled "Intel Still doesn't get it":
"In a recent interview with the Financial Times, Intel CEO Paul Otellini said, "If you accept that the value proposition of the high end of the mobile phone market is full Internet access that happens to have voice, my view is that it's easier to add voice to a small computer than vice-versa."

dang near ruined my keyboard. gotta be more careful with the morning coffee. Wish they'd put a disclaimer up before posting comedy bits like that.

"'s easier to add voice to a small computer than vice-versa."


Sorry, I struggle to add anything intelligent to that. Except to say, YEE-HAH!!! Intel is apparently aware of the Q-threat to their core (pun) business, but still fundamentally clueless about the nature of that Q-threat and what market/consumer behavior is driving it.

Prediction for the decade: Most of the world doesn't have a PC. For most of the world, their first PC will be a phone -- A CDMA based phone.

Deja vu? Starting to feel like DEC/Vax vs Gates/MS circa '91 all over again.

Q is probably unmatched in low power core technology thanks in some part to the talent they picked up in IBM RTP acquisition some years ago. Can you say "Snapdragon?" There, I knew you could.

Q Competitor Check? Clueless indeed.