Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Demolition Man

A real "Home Improvement, Binford type moment" going on at our place today. There's about 80' of concrete filled cinderblock and footing to demo along the old drive/shop retaining wall.

Brought in a hired gun with Bobcat and Bobcat Excavator. He gets that breaker attachment working and it's a thing of beauty. Arrr, arrr, arrrrrrrr

Check out the 1 1/2" steel in that one length of wall!!! Holy rebar Batman! The old boy who built the place for himself back in the day was a mason and was owner/operator of a granity quarry in his later years. By the looks of things there must have been some Caltrans steel "falling off" trucks at the quarry.

Last year when this same operator tore out the old 16K gallon cistern and drive/shop slab we took out an insane amount of steel. Completely filled up his 20yd dump truck -- most of if with 1" or 1 1/2" rebar. The concrete cistern bottom was nominally 18" thick"! It was built like a Nazi Normandy bunker.

We're taking about 30' of that granite quarry stone wall along the road. It grieves my soul to demo any of this old granite wall but it's a necessary evil to get the turning radius I need to access the lot with a trailer.

No worries. Still have ~400' of these walls on the property. As much as 10' tall at it's highest and still solid/crack free after nearly 50 years. The old boy really knew how to build 'em.

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