Friday, June 27, 2008

While we're on the subject...

...of tractors:

Moral of the story: never tick off a redneck who own's a backhoe.

On the SCOTUS ruling yesterday: it seems like everyone in the blogosphere is talking about the Heller 2nd Amendment decision. I have nothing intelligent to add to it. Better minds and more eloquent voices have said much already.

I will say this to 2nd Amendment supportors; this wasn't Yorktown in the struggle to preserve the 2nd Amendment. This was more like Saratoga. It proved we can win a strategic battle but we have not yet won the war or vanquished the enemies of freedom.

This is no time for "We the People" to pack up camp and go home. The appeal of just going back home to live a peaceful and godly life is strong, but, there is still a long slog, difficult odds and some tough winters ahead.

The price of freedom is indeed eternal vigilance. The 2nd is worth fighting for.

Chief Justice Story wrote that the 2nd Amendment is the Palladium (armed guardian) of the Second Amendment.

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