Friday, June 13, 2008

More Dead Voters

The party of "Our cause is just therefore the end justifies our means" is at it again with the dead voter registration drive. Only small surprise is that this time

a) it has been confirmed outside of Chicago and LA.
Two cards received in Caddo Parish had George W. Bush as the voter applicant with a 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. address in Shreveport, Dardenne said. Other cards have been filed for prisoners who cannot vote and dead people. In Jefferson Parish, a voter registration card was filed for the registrar of voters.

b) they have teamed with a radical Islamist group to carry out their "justifiable" crimes.
The radical Muslim group signing up dead voters in Louisiana set up their office in the Wahhabi Corridor:

All I want for Christmas is a purple finger. I could sleep easier with something as simple as that. I bet it would be enough to turn California back into a red state.

Gateway Pundit has a great writeup on their latest crime against the order of law and against freedom here.

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